Parents/Grand Parents Sponsorship

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 About the Process

If you submit the interest to sponsor form and you’re invited to submit a complete application, you can sponsor your parents and grandparents to become permanent residents of Canada.

If you do, you must:

  • support them and their dependents financially
  • make sure they don’t need social assistance from the government
  • Who is Eligible to Sponsor a Parent or Grandparent

You can sponsor your own parents and grandparents if:

To become a sponsor, you must promise to financially take care of the persons you are sponsoring for a period of time. We call this promise an undertaking.

The undertaking commits you to:

  • providing financial support for your sponsored family members for 20 years, starting when they become permanent residents
  • repaying any provincial social assistance (money from the government) your sponsored family members get during that time

Also, you and your sponsored family members need to agree to certain responsibilities during the undertaking period. We call this the sponsorship agreement.

The sponsorship agreement means that:

  • you’ll provide for the basic needs of your sponsored family members
  • the person you sponsor will make every effort to support themselves and their family members

When you apply, you’ll have to complete and sign a form that includes the undertaking and the sponsorship agreement.

  • Who you can Sponsor

You can sponsor your own parents and grandparents, related by blood or adoption.

In case of divorce or separation, you can sponsor your parents’ and your grandparents’ spouses, or conjugal or common-law partners.

In the application, you can only include your brothers and sisters, or half brothers and sisters, if they qualify as dependent children.

You may sponsor more than 1 person or couple if you meet the income requirements for all the people you want sponsor and their dependents (spouse, partner and children).

  • You Can’t sponsor:
  • your spouse’s parents and grandparents (your in-laws)
  • However, you can be a co-signer on your in-laws’ application.
  • someone who is inadmissibleto Canada
    • This means they are not allowed to come to Canada.
  • The People you Sponsor must also be Eligible

To show they meet the eligibility requirements, your parents and grandparents and their dependents must provide: